Access to affordable, appropriate housing is a foundation for prosperous neighbourhoods and great communities. All levels of government are looking at how they can play their part to facilitate social and affordable housing.

When government staff try to navigate the competing interests of government, developers, and the community housing sector, they are often met by barriers. Without an in-depth knowledge of all three industries they can find themselves in a paper warfare and unable to progress their work.

Hornsby & Co. understands the competing demands for government staff and elected representatives. We can work with you to deliver the housing policies and projects you need to support great communities.

Hornsby & Co. can assist you with:

Having access to safe, secure, affordable housing is really the only way a person can participate in the opportunities that various sectors are trying to create. I started Hornsby & Co. to work with those sectors and help build the right foundations so people can truly be part of the community.

Rachel Hornsby Director, Hornsby & Co.