Community Housing Sector

The increased focus on social and affordable housing means there are potentially more opportunities than ever for community housing providers / associations. Developers and government are looking to the community housing sector to come to the table so that those opportunities are translated into realities.

Unfortunately there is often a knowledge gap for people outside the community housing sector. This means that community housing organisations are spending precious resources preparing information for developers and negotiating agreements. Having your staff directed away from existing projects is costly and disruptive, particularly for lean organisations.

Hornsby & Co. understands your business and developers’ and government requirements. We can help all parties cut to the chase, saving you time and resources.

Hornsby & Co. can assist you with:

Having access to safe, secure, affordable housing is really the only way a person can participate in the opportunities that various sectors are trying to create. I started Hornsby & Co. to work with those sectors and help build the right foundations so people can truly be part of the community.

Rachel Hornsby Director, Hornsby & Co.